Charnwood Day Nursery

April the giraffe



 A group of children were playing in the role play area talking about going to visit the jungle. They decided they needed to make a car to get there, which they made using some chairs and an ironing board with a plate for the wheel “to turn the car around”. As they were driving to the jungle they started to talk about what animals they might see there and after naming lots of different animals they decided as a group that their favorite would be the giraffe. 



To extend this conversation further we watched 'April the giraffe' and her new baby on the tablet. We talked about the colors of the giraffes' "yellow and brown patches", how they have really long necks to help them reach the leaves in the trees and other things they like to eat such as carrots andcelery. This led to us also discussing healthy foods that we like to eat. We talked about how the baby giraffe needs to drink milk to grow big and strong and one of the children related this to their new baby sibling who also drinks milk to help them grow. The children were mesmerised by how the baby giraffe was already “higher” than the zoo keeper which led to lots of fantastic mathematical discussions regarding size with some great language being used.   


As the conversation progressed and we watched what April and her baby were getting up to, the group of children shared ideas between them, asking and trying to answer each other’s questions and seemingly enjoying sharing the experience together. 


Wonderful things can happen when we follow the children’s lead in play. By extending on one imaginative conversation between a group of children we were able to provide them with an exciting opportunity to enhance their learning in several different areas. Best of all, they learned that their ideas and interests are valued by the practitioners around them.