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Music lessons at Charnwood Day Nursery

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Explore our truly unique learning opportunities for babies & children 

At Charnwood Day Nursery, we offer a rich and varied range of activities across all our age groups that are specifically designed to be fun, interactive and confidence building. 

Our child & baby friendly activities include painting, cooking, singing, story-time, messy play, dressing up and role play.  In addition, Charnwood Day Nursery is delighted to offer children and babies a variety of extra learning opportunities, unique to our nursery, these include:


Our on-site kitchen 

Providing children with a fantastic opportunity to learn about healthy and delicious food; understanding how fruit and vegetables grow, what they look and feel like and how they taste. The older children also have the opportunity to cook and bake in our onsite kitchen. 


Cooking at Charnwood day nursery


Visits from local businesses  

We are very lucky to receive special visits from local businesses, such as farmers with their tractors and just recently we were visited by some truly exotic animals, some of which even the staff had never seen before.  


Childrens Activities at Charnwood Day Nursery


Music Lessons

All of our pre-school children have access to weekly music and movement lessons. These extra curricular activities are designed to be fun and interactive, as well as providing structure and opportunities for self expression into the children's daily routine.






A lovely home from home nursery, where Alex feels safe and well looked after.  Yummy healthy meals, caring staff, lots of fun, exploration and stimulating activities. Alex has made lots of friends and has a great time at Charnwood Day Nursery.


Nina, Chris & Alex


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Exotic Animals at Charnwood Nursery


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